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Places to Explore in San Enrique

Binul-ogan Falls

A hidden natural treasure that is found in the mountainous area of Brgy. San Antonio. This waterfall is 5 kilometres away from the barangay proper and stands 8-10 meters. The panoramic view of this waterfall attracts tourist to come in order to feel the natural touch of nature through its cool fresh water.

Mt. Canapasan Peak

Located at Brgy. Mapili, this mountain serves as the home of transmitters like RCPI and PLDT. It is noted for its panoramic surroundings. Its highest peak makes vertical lift of 569 meters above sea level. This highest mountain in the town offers a perfect adventure to those who loves mountaineering.

Bulabog Puti-an National Park

A national park which covers Municipality of San Enrique and Dingle; and has a total land area of 847.33 hectares. Home of different endemic species of flora and fauna like Sambulawan, Takuyay, Sundial Snails (Architectonics maxima), Red Tarantula (Brachypelma smithi) and others. Also notable in this park is the majestic beauty of white lime stones that hails tourist to view. The Bulabog Puti-an is an avenue for cave spelunking, rock wall climbing and even biking.

Tambunac - Paga Caves

This majestic wonders of nature is an umbrella caves of Lobo Cave, Abog Cave, Maya Cave and Manla Cave. The entrance of this is Lobo Cave that is situated in Brgy. Tambunac. It is 1 kilometre in distance. Following it, is the Abog Cave- home of majestic rock formations of stalagmites and stalactites. Also notable in this area, is the presence of Balinsasayaw and White Gecko. Next, is Maya Cave that serves as home of bats. It is 500 meters in distance. Upon the exit of Maya Cave, is the entrance of Manla Cave. Notable in this area is the dome. It is 50 meters in length and the exit of this cave is in Brgy. Paga offering a perfect panoramic view.