Brief Information About Our Town

The Municipality of San Enrique is situated in the north-central part of the Province of Iloilo. This town is located 54 kilometres (34 mi) from the provincial capital, Iloilo City.

On its north, Passi City is located, on the west, the Municipality of Duenas, on the south, the Municipality of Dingle, on the south-east, the Municipality of Banate, and on the north-east, the Municipality of San Rafael.

Early inhabitants of San Enrique may be traced back to the tribes of those great Datus who had move up the river of Jalaud and settled on promontory they called "Bontoc".

Following their customs and united by the bonds of kinship they built a community. Out of the flourishing settlement later rosegreat men like Manuel Paez, Modesto Palabrica and Apolinario Palabrica, who had earlier become Capitanes of the mother town...

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As of 1995 the National Census and Statistics Office (NCSO) has registered a total household population of 25,572 from the municipality of San Enrique, this indicated an increase of 875 over the 1990 total population of 24,697.

Aside from the prevailing inhabitants of this municipality, the transient ethnic groups that frequent this place belongs to the cultural minority, the Aetas or Negriteos. They are seasonally around during planting and harvesting of sugarcane.

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The municipality of San Enrique is largely agricultural and majority of the population is engaged in farming. Social and economic undertaking of the town is centered on agriculture.

San Enrique has non-metallic mineral resources located at Bgy. Camiri and Rumagayray. So its resource potentials have no mineral reserves, mineral production and claimed mine land.


San Enrique, Iloilo
The First Inner-Peace Town in the World

Creating an Inner Peace Town meant getting all the sectors involved - the local government unit, the academe, the NGOs, the Church. San Enriquenhons of all ages are involved.

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